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The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers have been involved with the restoration of a 50's - 60’s gasoline service station that was located in Stillwater Oklahoma for many years. The old station has been moved to its new home in the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza in Perkins Oklahoma. The Territorial Plaza is located just east of the Stroud National Bank and can be entered from Hwy 177 at the Kinder/Wells Edition or just south of the Stroud National Bank is the main enterance. 

New American Flag for the "Ol' Station"

May 2008
In the Beginning!

May 2008

February 2012

The canopy is complete with lighting and a fresh coat of paint! Now for the next project, a gasoline pump island, which should be just the right addition for those classic car photos taken out front of the old gasoline service station.

March 13 2013
57 Station, 57 Chevy, 59 Cushman!

June 2014
Pump Island display

April 2011

June 2012

June 2012

May 2017

Bud’s Service Station was moved from it’s original home at 504 West 6th in Stillwater to it’s new home in the new Oklahoma Territorial Plaza in Perkins. Many folks have helped with the transition.  Dennis Beyl and company did the heavy work of moving the three bay station and securing it to the new concrete slab.  Dennis is amazing at the art of moving large structures. Dennis not only moved this old station but every structure in the plaza that once set in another location has been moved by Dennis Beyl.  Without Dennis Beyl's amazing knowledge and ability to move very large structures the plaza would only be a dream!  Thank you, Dennis!

July 2011
Wide white wall tire and display

Victor Borland owner and CEO of Pioneer Tire Center in Stillwater donated this wide white wall tire which is a great addition to the old station and very period correct for a wonderful display.

King Engine Analyzer
Wayne 615 Texaco Skychief Pump April 2010

The old gasoline station received these two wonderful donations from Jim Carroll of Perkins. The good folks of Bill Scott Body Shop did the sand blasting and painting of the old Wayne 615 Visible Pump.  The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers' members did the tear down, cleaning, assembly and finishing of the old visible. 

Wayne 615 Pump Restored April 2011
King Engine Analyzer courtesy of Jim Carroll

Restored Wayne 734 Gasoline Pump
DX Super Boron Gasoline May 2011


DX was a popular gasoline brand refined by the  Mid-Continent Oil Company of Tulsa Oklahoma. It was marketed in several states including Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee. In the late 1960s, Sunray DX merged with Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) and continued to market both the Sunoco and DX brands until the late 1980s when the DX brand was retired and Sunoco became the company's sole gasoline brand.

April 2012 Wayne 734 Pump with new base.
April 2012

March 2012
Tokheim DX Pump

This Tokheim DX gasoline pump is the latest edition to the old gasoline service station.  Member Herb Miller found the old pump and brought it from the OKC area just last week. We have been looking for this vintage of gasoline pump for years and had not found one.  Great job Herb!

June 2014
Gasoline Pump Island Project

February 2012
Our new/old DX sign!

We came across an original DX sign which is correct with the construction of the old gasoline service station back in 1957.

Lockable Oil Storage Display May 2011
Restored Oil Storage on loan by Dave Lester.

Lockable Oil Storage Display June 2011
Sunoco Oil Storage Complete

Wayne 734 Mobilgas Pump
June 2011

The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers sincerely appreciate the generous donation of this 60's Wayne gasoline pump for  renovation in the old station by Ray and Mary Norris of Perkins.

June 2011
Model Car Collection donated Shelby and Donna Lauener

June 2011

May 2011

March 2012

April 2011
Stereo Equipment Courtesy of Shelby and Donna Lauener

March 2012

1960's / 70's Stereo System plus new CD unit
Turntable and Cassette Deck 100watts of sound!

The Sinclair sign was donated by Lonnie Daugherty of Stillwater.  The Gulf Oil signs and other Gulf equipment was donated by the Sasser family of Perkins in honor of Virinia Sasser's father and mother. The Hood Tires sign, Texaco gear lube and Deep Rock gear lube was another donation of Ray and Mary Norrie of Perkins.

June 2011

June 2011

June 2011

Classic Car Display Case
January 2010

Auto Print courtesy of Gary Hoover

Office Display Cases
March 2010

Auto Print courtesy of Gary Hoover

January 2010
Oak Display Case and Cash Register donated by Shelby and Donna Lauener

Parking Meter courtesy of Dave Lester
Things are always changing.

Antique Toy Carosel

This antique carosel was donated by Charleen Tsai of Sacramento, CA. Charleen is the niece of the late LaVerne Linsky of Perkins.

Old Station June 2009

April 2011
Getting Canopy ready for placement!

June 2011
The canopy is in place and standing on its own!

February 2012

Bud’s Service Station moved from it’s original home of 504 West 6th in Stillwater to it’s new home in the new Oklahoma Territorial Plaza in Perkins. Many folks have helped with the transition.  Dennis Beyl and company did the heavy work of moving the three bay station and securing it to the new concrete slab.  Dennis is amazing at the art of moving large structures.


A huge Thank You! goes to Bill and Virginia Sasser for their generous contribution, which made this entire project possible. A big thanks goes out to the many folks who have donated memorabilia for the decoration of Bud’s Service Station. The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers sincerely thank David Sasser for his vision, guidance and hard work  with the entire Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Project. 


Many folks have donated old station memorabilia, highway signs, oil company signs, gasoline pump, gearlube dispenser, canned oil, v-belts, signal lights which add to the 50's and 60's theme.

Restroom and Coke go together

 The station houses the water pad’s manifold system and insulated mechanical room, which is a maze of plumbing and some very good engineering. In the mechanical room is a new Trane Heat and Air Conditioning System and a complete over haul of the station’s electrical system, as well as, the hot water heater for the restroom.  The old restrooms were completely overhauled making a new large handy cap access facility.  One of the old restrooms is now a small storage area. 

Manifold system for the children's splash pad

Along the entire base of the exterior of the station, a blue powder coated metal wanes coating application was installed by the Cimarron Starlite Cruisers Car Club.  Boy, did we have fun with this little project!


The Vassar Company of Perkins cut and powder coated the wanes coating metal for the base of the station.  A new roof, flashing and gutter was installed, which stopped all the roof leaks.


John Dragoo took on the position of construction superintendent and coordinated all of the work which had to be done in order to get the old station back to better than new condition.

July 2009

The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers are working on the interior, which will be a work in progress for sometime to come.

July 2009

The inside of the station, also received a wanes coating application along the entire base.  Black and white tiles were placed in the office  and restroom floors.  Some glass and panels had to be replaced and caulking applied around the floor and glass, which includes the large bay area overhead doors.

September 2009

July 2009

June 2009
Mechanical Room on Left New Shelves on Right

The door on the left is the entrance to the new mechanical room.

May 2009

July 2009

First Club Meeting Held In Old Station May 2009

Club Meeting September 2009

September 2009