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click to download Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Form

Cimarron Starlite Cruisers:


I want to thank the Cimarron Starlite Cruisers Car Club for their continued efforts to support our school district.  The annual car show has many positive effects on the school and community.  The relationship between the car club and the school has a common theme.  We all want our students/children to succeed in whatever path they choose. 


The proceeds from the car show provides two scholarships in memory of Ditz McIlvain.  The car club has also offered the senior class parents the opportunity to raise money at the car show by providing concessions.  This activity brings people together at the high school site and gives them the chance to see many showroom quality cars and to see the quality facility that Perkins-Tryon has for its students. 


I hope we continue this activity for many years; it has a quality that brings good people together that share an enthusiasm for cars and wants to share that spirit with the school and community.




James Ramsey

Superintendent (Former)

PerkinsTryon Public Schools

Recipients of the Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Award should bring proof of enrollment to the Payne County Bank VP Chris Petermann in order to process their scholarship award for $1000.

click to download Ditz McLivain Scholarship Form

"Ditz McIlvain 2024 Scholarship Recipients"


2024 Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Recipient
Kalie Diana Kinsey

Kalie Diana Kinsey

The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers Car Club is proud to announce Kalie Kinsey as one of the Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Recipients for 2024.  While attending Perkins-Tryon High School Rachel has been active in FFA, Upward Bound, and National Honor Society.  Kalie will be attending Oklahoma State University with a major in Horticulture Agribusiness Plant and Soil Science. Kalie was awarded State FFA Degree 2024.


Carly Swink
2024 Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Recipient

Carly Swink

The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers Car Club is proud to announce Carly Swink as one of the Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Recipients for 2024. Carly is the daughter of Caroline and Rick Swink. While attending Perkins-Tryon High School Carly has been active in FFA, Student Council, National Honor Society, and 4 Kids and Community. Carly will be attending Oklahoma State University with a major in Animal Science Embryology. Caly was awarded the State FFA Degree 2024.

1927 - 2004
Coach Ditz McIlvain and the new McIlvain Field

Click here to download Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Application

Ditz lived in the Perkins area for more than 40 years.  His entire life was dedicated to his family, the community and it's youth.  Before his untimely death he started a fund, which would generate interest to provide college scholarships for students of the PerkinsTryon Public School.  The proceeds from the Perkins Car Show are added to this scholarship fund.  It is the purpose of the Cimarron Starlite Cruisers' Car Club to help carry on this great tradition which "Coach Mac" began.  Oh! by the way, Coach Mac's first new car was a "55 Crown Vic" about which he always said, "Why did I sell that Ford? It would really run!"


The PerkinsTryon community built and named the new football and track complex in honor of Coach Mac.  The PerkinsTryon Public School District and it's Board of Education provide their great facilities at the High School campus to assist the Cimarron Starlite Cruisers Car Club with a wonderful site for the Perkins Car Show each year.


Ditz attended the following Oklahoma Institutions:

Northern Community College AD

University of Central Oklahoma BS

Oklahoma State University MS


Ditz taught US History, World History, Oklahoma History, and Driver's Education.  He was the Athletics Director and High School Principal while serving the PerkinsTryon School System.  Ditz coached football from 1957 to 1981 in the PerkinsTryon School System winning 14 district championships during that time. Ditz coached State Champions in the Pole Vault, High Jump, 880 and the Mile while coaching Track and Field at PerkinsTryon. He then coached from 1981 to 1986 at Langston University.  While working at Langston, Ditz taught in the Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and worked in the Registrars' Office until 2004. Ditz traveled to a large number of area Public Schools and delivered Langston University Class Schedules each semester to assist with the recruitment of area students to attend Langston University.



Church Elder

Husband of Jean

Father of Jim, Valinda, Candy

US Navy

Teaching & Coaching PerkinsTryon Schools 

Teaching & Coaching Langston University

Oklahoma Coaches Association Board of Control

Oklahoma Coaches Hall of Fame Member

Oklahoma Track Coaches Hall of Fame Member

Distinguished Service Award National High School Athletic Coaches Association

Past President Oklahoma Coaches Association

Coached the All State Football Game

Coached the Oil Bowl Game

Perkins Lions Club President

Ditz McIlvain Stadium


The proceeds from the Perkins Car Show go to the “Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Fund”.  The classic vehicle owners of Oklahoma and sponsors of the Perkins Car Show have raised over $78,000 the past thirteen years for this fund.


If you knew Ditz, you know he loved the Big Bands and "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller was one of his favortites, but Kent Taylor of Perkins was his favorite Band Leader. (Good Choice)

Click here to download Ditz McIlvain Scholarship Applications