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There are dozens of folks who have played an active part in the planning, funding and construction of the Oklahoma Territiorial Plaza in Perkins, Oklahoma.  But every project has to have a go to guy!  David Sasser has been the driving force behind the idea of the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza.  Any one who has been involved with an undertaking like this knows how important it is to have a person that keeps everyone moving forward so that no one becomes overwhelmed. Thank you, David, for your vision and leadership with this project.

The New Veteran's Memorial
Ready for dedication November 11, 2014

Veterans' Memorial November 11, 2014
Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Perkins USA

The new Veteran's Memorial
Dedication November 11, 2014

Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Entrance Hwy 177
June 2010

The Oklahoma Territorial Plaza is a six acre park located at 750 N. Main Street, just south of the intersection of Highway 33/US 177.  It is a joint project of the City of Perkins, the Perkins Community Foundation, and the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Trust.

Hwy 177 Entrance to the OKlahoma Territorial Plaza
Perkins Oklahoma USA

The Plaza incorporates many methods to interpret and exhibit the history, culture, and art of our community and the evolution of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory into the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Territorial Plaza
June 2010

The Oklahoma Territorial Plaza is widely used by the citizens of Perkins and the surrounding areas. It is estimated that the splash pad served at least 10,000 children and adults last year. The Bartram Pavilion was used almost daily and was often reserved for parties, meetings, and reunions. The Vassar Community Center has become a popular meeting place for community groups as well as individual family events. The restored service station houses our vintage auto, gasoline and oil company exhibits which have been resotred by the local car club the Cimarron Starlite Cruisers.

Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton by Wayne Cooper

Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton by Wayne Cooper (1942-     )

Perkins resident, Frank Eaton (1860-1958), was a colorful character out of the Old West, a cowboy, scout, deputy U. S. Marshal, author and living model for the OSU Cowboy.

Frank Eaton the "Real Pistol Pete"

Perkins resident, Frank "Pistol Pete" Eaton (1860-1958), was a colorful character out of the Old West - cowboy, scout, deputy U.S. Marshal, author, and living model for the Oklahoma State University Cowboy.

Pete and Iowa Chief Nacheninga by Wayne Cooper
New Community Center

Vassar Community Center Built 2009
Oklahoma Territorial Plaza Thank You Jack Vassar and The Vassar Company

September 2009
Iowa Chief Nacheninga by Wayne Cooper

Nacheninga (No Heart) by Wayne Cooper (1942-     )
No Heart, also known as Notchimine (1792-1862), was a distinguished Chief 
of the Ioway and gained his name by his feats of bravery.

September 2009

The Vassar Community Center is available for family reunions, receptions, and other community or private events.  The building has a catering kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave oven, and dishwasher.  There are tables and chairs with seating for up to 110 people.  In addition there is a 50" flat screen television with a DVD player.  The building is equipped with men's and women's handicap accessible restrooms.  Reservations may be made by calling Perkins City Hall at (405) 547-2445.  The cost is $100 for a half-day - 8am to 3pm or 5pm to 12pm, or $200 for a full-day.

Vassar Community Center Interior
June 2010

Vassar Community Center
June 2010

Vassar community Center Interior
June 2010

Vassar Community Center
Kitchen Area

Hand Made Quilt of Perkins' History
Donated and made by Patty Johnson of Perkins

Pete Eaton's Home
June 2011

The Eaton Home served as the residence of Frank and Anna Eaton from 1929 until 1958. 

Pistol Pete's Home 1929 - 1958

The house was originally located at 119 E. Chantry Street in Perkins.  In 2008 the house was moved to 750 North Main in the Oklahoma Territorial Plaza, and restored through a grant from the Oklahoma Historical Society.

Frank Eaton Home
June 2010

Kitchen in the Eaton Home

Bedroom in the Eaton Home

Thank you Jane Davis Wingrove
Davis-Longan Log Cabin Built 1901

The log cabin was built in 1901 and was originally located 8 1/2 miles west of Perkins, Payne County, Oklahoma.

Davis-Longan Log Cabin Built 1901

Davis-Longan Log Cabin Built 1901

Davis-Longan Log Cabin Built 1901

Thank you Payne County Bank
IXL Schoolhouse Built 1896

The one-room school was built in 1896 and originally located 4 miles west of Perkins on SH33 Payne County, Oklahoma.

IXL Schoolhouse
Built 1896

Mrs. Chesney's Classroom
IXL School


Thank you Tommy Foreman for the generous gift
Antique Agriculture Exhibit Building Built 2007


Antique Farming and Building Equipment
Hand Cranked Corn Sheller Display



The Oklahoma Terrtorial Plaza is fortunate to have Bob and Norma Constien to act as curators for the Farm Tool and Equipment Collection. Bob and Norma have worked many hours to catalog, tag and set up displays for the many antique farming, ranching, stone quarrying and building materials that have been asembled in the Foreman Building. 

1800's Barn Renovation Project.
June 2012

January 2013

Old Barn Renovation

Public Restrooms and Concession 2014

Methodist Church Renovation
Church on wheels! 2011

1800's Methodist Church Renovation Project
Setting on the new foundation!

Methodist Church Renovation
Getting Ready for Paint!

Methodist Church Renovation
November 2012

Methodist Church Renovation
Bell Tower ready with the new working bell!

November 2014

Santa Fe Depot Renovation
Originally built in Yale, Oklahoma

February 2013

March 2014


March 2014

Summer 2014










Old Stanta Fe Caboose in it's new home!
South of the Santa Fe Depot


Acuff Building 2014



North view or the 1919 Metapedia Business Coach
Canadian Pacific Railroad March 2014

In the 1970s the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) took the business coach cars that were built at the turn of the century out of service.

December 2014

Kenneth Mitchell of Guthrie, who also has a caboose at his home, donated the rail car through the Perkins Community Foundation. The car was moved from Guthrie to Perkins in March 6, 2014 by Dennis Beyl and his company Beyl Davenport House Moving, Inc. of Stillwater.


Built in 1903 as a wooden dining car, the Metapedia was originally named the Assiniboine. It was converted to a high capacity parlor car in 1917, and again transformed in 1919 to a business coach. It was assigned to the vice president of the Canadian Pacific Railroad’s western lines at Winnipeg. This photo shows it arriving at Lloydminster, Canada, on Aug. 9, 1926. Oklahoma Territorial Plaza photo

Anterior living room
March 2014

Interior seating area

In the 1920's, the car got a steel under frame and side sheathing and was renamed the Metapedia in 1929. It was then assigned to the Atlantic region of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

One of three sleeping rooms

One of three sleeping rooms

Dinning Room near the rear kitchen area

One of two restroom facilities.

Kitchen Facility

Kitchen Range

South view of the Canadian Railroad Business Coach
March 2014

Lincoln Building 2013

Thank you Jon and Judy Bratram
Bartram Pavilion Built 2008

The Bartram Pavilion is open 24/7 year round.  It is 24' x 36', lighted and equipped with 6 picnic tables and a stone fireplace.  It also has 110 volt electrical outlets.  The pavilion is available for use free of charge on a first come, first served basis provided there are no prior reservations.  Pending reservations are posted on a bulletin board located at the northwest corner of the pavilion.  Reservations may be made by calling Perkins City Hall at (405) 547-2445 and the cost is $20 per hour.


New Anderson Pavillion completed June 2011

Children's Park

The playground is open 24/7 year round and is handicap accessible.  The Little Tykes Kid Conqueror is designed for children 2-5 years of age and has a capacity of 40-45 children. 

Children's Splash Pad Built 2008
Oklahoma Territorial Plaza

The splash pad is open daily 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Memorial Day through the Labor Day weekend.  There is no charge to use splash pad. 

Children's Splash Pad
Built 2008

The splash pad was designed by PowerPlay, the 50' x 50' concrete play area features above and in-ground sprays built by Vortex Mfg. Co.  A handicap accessible family restroom and a soft drink vending machine are located on site.

Thank you Bill and Virginia Sasser
Bud's Old Station

Bud's Old Station
June 2011

February 2012
Bud's Old Station

There are many things yet to be completed but the foundation has been built and the future is just around the corner!  Check back often for more updates.